Starry Moon

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I thought I saw the devil, this morning
Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue
With the warning to help me see myself clearer
I never meant to start a fire,
I never meant to make you bleed,
I’ll be a better man today

- I’ll be good by Jaymes Young

Now that I’ve unpublished 98% of my old blog posts, my site looks extremely small. I’m not really sure where to start. I guess I’ll start by explaining why I disappeared without any notice. First, I was super busy with work and I did a little traveling to Washington. If you didn’t know, I’m from the West Coast, but that shouldn’t really matter; I’m not sure why I had to put that in there. Anywho, secondly, I became really peeved with blogging. Perhaps, a lack of motivation on my part? To be honest, I’m just tired of reading and/or dealing with people’s pretentious babble and “first world” problem rant. I needed a break from people and blogging in general.  (more…)

Night Clouds

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A wash of color covers the dark sky, inked with clouds and adorned with the tipsy breeze. Respawn, my love. I await.

I’ve been gaming, can you tell? I’ve finally installed Windows on my macbook, so I can play games on it now /music_joy I even made a Steam account! Add me and we’ll rob banks and chew bubbles gums together /puuunniiii ( and NUUu, I’m not gonna stab you in the back and loot all of your goodies and run off giggling…please, I’m better than that /ohh )I’m so behind with everything, I can’t believe the official Ragnarok (RO)—a MMORPG game—is free now. Lag rage, I do not miss. Also, I got to play Silent Hills’ teaser with Daryl Dixon from the walking dead show, and I’m quite excited for it, but it’s too early to tell if it’ll match it’s original horror gaming. Who knows, maybe pyramid head is gonna be in it too? /chu_hrt Meep! I totally just geeked out a whole paragraph there /whaat

night clouds

top: dahlia, stick: illamasqua’s immodest, stain: sephora’s 03



walking with ∫℘ί∂ℯrş

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The world has a twisted kind of humor, doesn’t it? It used to be easy to stay put, but then the world decided to hunt you down and all you can do is run. Even your own shadow has traded spaces with you. No longer human, but just a body collapsed on the ground, with people occasionally passing by.

This is me saying, Hello—I’m sorry, I’ve neglected this blog; so let me re-introduce myself. I’m just random blogger with with an extensive history of doom and gloom pandemonium. With only a peculiar mind, known to spin a web of tangled thoughts here and there…and maybe a little bit over there in the corner, too. I try to make sense of everything through writing. I like to provoke confusion and manipulate minds when I’m bored. I like to have tea parties, but of course, invited guests only. Don’t worry, if I dislike you I’ll still invite you to be lunch. I’m also annoyingly sarcastic. I apologize. No, I don’t apologize. I take that back. Gimme back my apology.


ℱαℓℓing ∂ℴωη ℸℎℯ ℛαbbίℸ ℋℴℓℯ

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After getting my drivers license, nothing has changed, but more opportunity has indeed open up for me. Actually I haven’t driven since the driving test  /tongue

I’ve been meaning to blog about my vorpal blade -geek mode- I’ve been bugging my friend, Cammy to get me one.  /blink And she did! She got me the mini replica of the vorpal blade. I is happy.

The first thing I did when I got it? I tested it out on my skin  /swt  After I tested on my own skin, I was shocked and I asked my friend: ” Why doesn’t it pierce skin?! D: ” And she replied: “so people like you don’t hurt others”  /tee